hi, could anyone help me with a port forwarding problem, i am currently trying to view a DVR over the net, im am using a sky netgear router DG834G , i recently had the remote viewing working using the DMZ server function within the router and a DYNDNS hostname, it worked fine for a couple of months and then just stopped working over the net but was still accessible on the lan using the hostname. i started looking at how to get it going again , i reset the router back to its original values and went about setting up the firewall rules and opening port 8000 which the DVR uses, i done all this following steps that was given on the net but still no joy so i tried the DMZ server again and it still didint work. please could someone out there tell me what im doing wrong, i rang sky and they said they didnt know what port forwarding was even. I would be so greatful if someone could give a detailed step by step way of getting this sorted.