My Netgear 834 (white jobbie) has developed an annoying habit of turning off its wireless function when transferring large files over the WAN.

When downloading from teh interwebs, it's fine - it'll handle speeds at around 500kBps just fine - but if I try to transfer, say, a movie from my lappie to my Apple TV over the WAN, it'll work for a few minutes at around 1.5MBps, and then the wireless aspect of the router will just shut off. The wireless light on the faceplate goes out. The internet light is still lit, although I haven't got around to digging out a network cable to see if it's actually still connected or just pretending.

Powercycling the router brings it back.

I've called Sky and a very helpful chap informed me that Sky only support their wireless routers for connecting to the ADSL service; they don't support the wireless router doing any actual wireless routing. Apparently "they don't have the capacity". I asked what he meant by that - if I'm connecting at G speeds, say, (and both devices are within 2m of the router) then 12Mbps (1.5MBps) shouldn't be too much of a stretch for 54Mbps kit. Apparently that wasn't what he meant - but he wasn't able to tell me what he did mean! He can't have meant storage capacity, 'cos that'd be daft...

Anyway, after much debate over whether I should be allowed to go and buy another router, he eventually agreed to send me a replacement - the current one is around 3 years old.

In the meantime, is this an issue that others have experienced? I've done a quick search but so far I've only found posts relating to the ADSL conenction being dropped, not just the wireless side of things.

I've tried the obvious - switching between "Auto B & G", choosing a different channel, uPnP is off, turning off all other wireless devices... It just seems to be when transferring large files at higher-than-ADSL-speed via the Netgear (doesn't matter whether it's laptop to Apple TV or laptop to laptop or desktop to laptop - the only constant is the router).

Anyone seen this before?