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my reason for not taking on sky talk was, i did have it a few years ago, when i first went over to sky BB, i've a mate in new zealand,i phoned him and was on the phone for 1h 17mins, for this one phone call, sky charged me 33, i complained, got it put down to 28 approx, the woman said i should go on the international plan, i said i shouldn't have to, as i was with talktalk before and the same length of call was 3.47, absolutely no comparison!, sky talk was papped right off and i'm with BT for calls
I might have gone with SkyTalk had they not started to block the access code to route calls via BT and please don't get me started on TalkTalk, I had a very nice deal with a company (can't remember the name), I was getting free calls from Home to my Mobile, and with a housebound SO that was a blessing, then TalkTalk took them over and told me they would no longer honour that.
I'm also with BT for home calls and due to my work, travelling all over the South West area Vodafone offer the best coverage