Hi there everyone, great forum and ive been reading all this info regarding master sockets, test socket and faceplates. Im very interested in doing this as if im correct it reduces interfierence and may increase speeds and stability.

My only problem is i have one of those master sockets but the line is dead in it and even more strange its on the 3rd floor .

After looking at where the Bt line comes in ive noticed that it comes off the pole onto the wall straight into some sort of splitter as two wires then come out of it one going to a internal socket where i currently have phone and BB etc, but the other wire seems to go around the house towards that master on the 3rd floor.

So i believe that there is two seperate lines in the house but currently my only live line has no master socket .

My question is or our. Will BT fit one for the live line or is there a way to use the dead line with the master on it.

After speaking to my parents about this they seem to remember the previous owner of the house said they had two lines for there dial up net.

PLease anyone who can shine a light on this please help.

Once again brilliant forum with great info and people.