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    Setting up Sky modem/router as wireless router

    This is a discussion on Setting up Sky modem/router as wireless router within the Sky Router forums, part of the Sky Broadband help category; I was recently living in the UK and had a standard wireless Sky Netgear ADSL modem router as part of ...

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      Setting up Sky modem/router as wireless router

      I was recently living in the UK and had a standard wireless Sky Netgear ADSL modem router as part of my Sky subscription. I have now returned home to Australia where I have cable internet. As part of my setup I have a cable modem with a USB port and an ethernet port. I bought my Sky router home with me because I want to connect them so I can use my cable internet wirelessly. However, I'm having heaps of problems doing this.

      It sounds simple. I connect the ethernet port on my cable modem to one of the ethernet ports on the Sky router, and in theory now anything connecting to the wireless has access to the internet. However, I think the crux of my problem comes from the fact that the Sky router, being a modem of course, directs all internet traffic to the ADSL port, which obviously is disconnected. I can ping the cable modem from my wirelessly connected PC, but only because the wireless router treats this as a local network request, on the same subnet. As soon as there's internet traffic, the router kicks in and takes over.

      I have fiddled with the router's configuration in an attempt to make it use the cable modem as it's gateway, but I can't find a way to do it. There seems no option to turn off the default routing. It just has "exceptions" to its routing, which are set up for the local network. I'm hoping there's something I'm missing here that will allow me to do this, but I've scoured those options a million times and can't find it.

      I have got web browsing to work from my PC at one point by setting FireFox to use "auto detect proxy settings" - it must be able to find its way to the internet through the modem when it goes looking. But I can't make this work reliably, even when I hardcode the modem's IP as a proxy. Plus, I don't want to go around to each of my devices to set this up.

      What can I do to make this work? The one thing I thought - and I don't know if such a thing exists - but if I was able to get some kind of ADSL "encoder", I could plug the ethernet straight into the ADSL port on the router via this "encoder", and it would always go there for its internet traffic and everyone would be happy. But is this even possible?

      Otherwise, does anyone know how I can turn the modem function off on the router?

      Here's one confusing addition to the story. I'm running Vista. My sister has XP on her PC. when she connected wirelessly to the router, she got internet fine. For some reason her PC is ignoring the router and going straight to the modem. Even though the router has DHCP turned on, my sister's XP PC goes straight to my ISP and gets its IP from there. Why??? Is this a Vista-XP problem?

      I'm at my wit's end here. Hoping someone has some ideas!

      Thanks in advance!

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      Re: Setting up Sky modem/router as wireless router

      I am not sure that what you are attempting is possible. A cable modem would normally need a router with a WAN port, not a DSL port as you have on the Netgear.

      One way to do it would be to use Internet Connection Sharing. ie, Fit an extra network card to your PC, plug one into the modem and one into the router. Set the PC up for ICS. You would also have to change the IP range on the router as ICS uses the same one as the Netgear. Quite a convoluted method and it would require the PC to be running for other devices to connect.

      To be honest your easiest way would be to buy a cheap cable router and connect one of its LAN ports to a LAN port on the Netgear to give you a wireless connection.

      Even though the router has DHCP turned on, my sister's XP PC goes straight to my ISP and gets its IP from there. Why??? Is this a Vista-XP problem?
      The modem will only allow one device to connect to the internet (This is how ICS would work). It is possible your PC is not properly set up and your sister's is.


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