All help gratefully received. I have a Sky DG934G wireless router in my home. My iMac and Mac Mini (both on Mac OS 10.4.11) print fine to the HP C7280. My Macbook Pro (also on 10.4.11) does not. The print job just hangs.

A direct connect to the printer from the Macbook prints OK so the problem is isolated to the router. I also dug out a post to a HP support forum with the same problem. They solved the problem by swapping the router out for a different one (Apple as I recall).

Anyway, my question is

1. Has anyone else seen this problem and did they fix it with the existing router
2. If I need to get a new router, how do I set that up with my Sky BB

I have phoned Sky about this but the chap - although very helpful - said they could not support or try to diagnose this sort of issue. He did advise switching off encryption which I have tried but that did not fix the issue. Finaly the same MAcbook prints fine via a wireless lan in my office ..... so it all points to the Netgear DG934G