Hi guys, ive got a bit of trouble in which i need your help with. I have the White Netgear router supplied to me by sky, and the same sky router which a friend gave me. I flashed that with other software, and entered my details in, but on the modem the "i" icon for phone line wouldnt show up, it wouldnt even turn orange. Is this because the router is faulty?

Another thing, i exracted my password for sky using James utility, if i brought a new router, would all i need to do is enter the info on a new router and then it will work?

Also, it is not possible to have two routers connected on the same line (one upstairs, the other down) ? Would it work if they were both connected up, then say the one downstairs was turned off, would the one upstairs be working then?

On reading another thread, i successfully flashed the firware to one of DGs firmware. however, when i log onto the router, and go to setup router i get this message "The Wizard was unable to establish a connection.
Please check the DSL cable before continuing."

My telephone line isnt being detected by the router.

Any help would be gratefull. Thanks guys.