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Hi everyone

Just a quick question about the Router that sky provide with their boroadband package. I've just received my email informing me that Sky Broadband is now available in my area and that I have three weeks to sign up - why 3 weeks is anybody's guess but there you go!

I'd be really grateful if anyone could tell me what the Sky router is like is so far as it's signal strength. The reason that I ask is because I was having a lot of problems given the construction of my house (solid walls I guess!) with the signal strength of my router when using the Internet upstairs which basically is most of the time.

Because of this I invested in a Belkin Pre-N MIMO ADSL2 Router with improved things no end. After reading few posts on this site is seems that I will not be able to use my existing router which is really annoying especially as I bought my Belkin just a short while ago. Does anybody know if there is any way in which I can use my existing router? It seems ridiculous to me that you are unable to use your own equipment!

What I'm concerned about is that if I have to use the Sky router that I'm going to go back to all the old problems that I used to have with low signal strength which for those that have experienced similar problems will know is very frustrating and annoying.

Grateful for any advice that any kind souls out there can offer.

You can get performance improvements by replacing the basic aerial with a high performance, higher gain aerial one, similar to this: http://www.maplin.co.uk/Module.aspx?...ID=1&source=1&
Google router high gain antenna aerial and you should get a good selection
You'll need to check the plug/socket arrangement of the router match.