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    Bunch of problems

    This is a discussion on Bunch of problems within the Sky Router forums, part of the Sky Broadband help category; Basic information: • Using a Netgear router that Sky supplied – don’t know how to tell which one of the ...

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      Bunch of problems

      Basic information:

      • Using a Netgear router that Sky supplied – don’t know how to tell which one of the two though
      • Connecting a Mac laptop, an iPhone, 2 or more PC laptops, a PC and an Xbox to the router, all using wireless except the Xbox which is Ethernet connected
      • Not all those are connected at the same time, usually 1 laptop with Xbox, and sometimes iPhone as well
      • Router makes a rattling noise when I shake it like something is loose – can’t remember if this happened before it started going nuts or after when I punched it
      • Problems described below have been happening for about 3 months now

      Interesting things to note are that through the Ethernet, everything seems to work at a quick speed, and the connection remains constant; only a couple of times has a PC/laptop etc disconnected when connected this way.

      When the router is really playing up, the PC laptops struggle to find a connection, often saying that the connection is limited/local only, although the PC laptops seem to have no problems when the router is acting correctly. The Mac and the iPhone both seem to disconnect after 5 minutes or so even when the PC laptops have no problem, and so I have to disconnect from the network and then reconnect and then everything is fine. The only way I have found to stop this on the Mac is if I have MSN or some variation running in the background, so the Mac is forced to make a sort of ‘constant’ connection to the Internet. That way I can search for something on the internet, leave the Mac for 10-15 minutes or whatever, and then come back and the internet is still working perfectly. If I don't have MSN running, and I leave the Mac and then come back to it 10-15 minutes later, the Internet doesn't work and I have to disconnect from Airport and reconnect. I don’t know if this is simply an issue with it being a Mac but anyway.

      Main problem recently is the wireless symbol on the router starts flashing and I have to turn off the router, unplug for about 10 seconds then start everything up and it works from then. Either that or the Internet symbol stays orange and I have to do the same process to get it to work again. In the past month I’ve suddenly received waay less than standard speeds – connecting to video streaming websites like Youtube sometimes results in the “video currently no longer available” message appearing which when checked on another computer, it does actually load. Even if the video does load, I can hardly call it streaming as I have to pause and wait for some of it do be downloaded before playing.

      I haven’t been able to maintain a strong connection wirelessly with most of the computers and laptops etc that I’ve used in the house from this router. Any ideas/suggestions/similar situations and feedback on it would be helpful. I’d prefer not to call out repair guys because I would have to make up some story about the rattle and I have a knack of attracting the guys who usually do sod all. (Not just Sky, just any repair people). I’m fairly accomplished with networks and some of the lingo, so if there’s any way to maybe fix these problems myself; I’d probably be able to do it with guidance so yeah… cheers in advance.


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      Re: Bunch of problems

      Have you tried turning off DHCP and manually assigning IP address info to each device?

      The fact that the PC parts seem to function better than the Apple parts of the network seems to indicate you need to fine tune the Apple bits.

      WiFi is much more of a problem due to variable reception. Can you turn off all the WiFi and try connecting everything by cable (not necessarily at the same time) and see if each items works better on cable?

      Try changing the Routers WiFi channel. Try them all to see if improve matters. Could be another network nearby or a DECT phone etc are interfering.

      Good luck!

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      Re: Bunch of problems

      I would strongly suggest checking what channel is in use, it may just come down to loss of signal causing IPs to drop and get messed up.



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