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    Sky Fix Disconnecting Problems

    This is a discussion on Sky Fix Disconnecting Problems within the Sky Router forums, part of the Sky Broadband help category; Well I'm a bit of a newbie to forums but thought I would just let folks know Sky has very ...

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      Thumbs down Sky Fix Disconnecting Problems

      Well I'm a bit of a newbie to forums but thought I would just let folks know Sky has very recently upgraded the Firmware for the DG834GT V1 (White Box). So after I figured this was a firmware problem over 1 year ago I must have bombarded Sky with hundreds of calls complaining that the router kept disconnecting after a few hours to a day or so. I researched every little noock and cranny and found some surprising reasons from the power supply's not being sufficient and having an unstable current with a high ripple (that's untrue), to dodgy wiring and extensions.
      When I first phoned Sky they said "Sorry but its your cabling for sure, or its the master socket for sure, or its defiantly the microfilter for sure, or have you got anything attached its that for sure. If i was to drone on by the amount of rubbish Sky blurped out I might fall asleep. There trying to con someone with an experience in electronics and test equipment to prove otherwise. Anyway my point being after ages and ages Sky it would seem have Over the Air (well sort of) Upgraded the firmware from 1.02.9 to 1.03.87 and low and behold the router is stable and has not disconnected for at least a week. Maybe I'm jumping the gun but its a remarkable improvement from every few hours. I would like to point out that the Netgear Official site does not have this version posted so I'm more than certain it was a Sky firmware upgrade. (I certainly didn't flash the image and Sky routers are locked out against Firmware upgrades anyway)
      Oh and 1 last thing Sky also told me (not that I didn't already know) that the contention was something like 28 to 1 (if my memory serves me right ??) for me and it would not be contention. Then later when I told them it was prone from disconnecting about 5PM (peek usage ring any bells) they uturned and told me some other gaff. So after checking line attenuation and signal to noise ratio plus loads more tests I did finally convince them it was there end not mine. And I also asked if they could send me a new router they agreed and then asked me to pay 50 thereabouts and I didn't get the router after 8 weeks or more no do I expect to get it. Maybe they held off sending out new routers until they got on top of the firmware problem. Conclusion Sky customer service is poor so are they staff who tell fibs.
      And 1 final point please go easy on my this thread has been typed from memory so some points may be inacurate and that also has the point of being about x amount of individual conversations with Sky and remembering all key points.

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      Re: Sky Fix Disconnecting Problems

      First, welcome to the forum.

      glad the firmware has helped, one of the problems with the last firmware was that it did not cope very well with noise on the line (if the router went below about 5db, you would start to see problems with slow speeds and disconects). the new firmware does work much better.

      in truth, sorting out the internal wiring would have been my first bit of advise to you if you had come on here before the upgrade (i think its my stock answer, as you may well see from my other posts)

      have a look in the cabling and faceplate forum to see how many threads there are that start out with what seemed like one problem, but got better once a few wiring bugs had been sorted out



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