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The problem is to find which part of the Treaty of Rome applies and which statutes have been enacted subsequently that would 'protect' you should either situation take place.
And that really is the problem. Contrary to what the popular press might suggest, our laws are not made by rabid, British-hating, faceless bureaucrats in Brussels. The actual implementation and enforcement is primarily done by national governments.

There's also a directive requiring satellite broadcasters to use Conditional Access Modules which would enable you to use any digital satellite receiver. Sky don't like doing this because it makes it easier for potential hackers to break the encryption. So they get manufacturers to tightly integrate the VideoGuard hardware in total defiance of EU directives. And how long has Sky Digital been doing this? Six or seven years, is it? There's just no political advantage in opening up the digital TV receiver market if in the process you hack off News Corp. Any Culture Minister planning to do such a thing would expect to receive a visit from Young Mr Murdoch, offering a reminder of just how much political impact can be achieved by printing the right or wrong image on the front page of the Sun on election day.