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Yes the services where set up. It appears that the issue was to do with the encryption (SSL). When I removed this it works?
What software were you using to connect to the Linkstation? If you want SSL (highly recommended), then you need to use a client that supports SFTP - Secure File Transfer Protocol. I use FileZilla, and find it reasonably straightforward to set up for SSL either through password verification or using certificates (but you need something like PuTTY to create them). Some info here: FileZilla Wiki

The other problem you may have run into is that SFTP uses port 22; standard FTP uses port 21. To be even more secure, configure a non-standard port and use port forwarding to get it to the Linkstation. I use port 20002, redirected to port 22 by the router.

You did the right thing though in trying to connect without encryption. Then the fun starts trying to work out how to work with it!