I have been using the skynetgear wifi router for sometime along with my WF Netcentre 320GB NAS with no problems. For some reason a few days ago it stopped responding, dissapeared from the attached devices part of the router set up and I could no longer see it using the WD config program.

I reset it back to default whihc uses DCHP and it still didnt work.

I reset it back to factory defaults which gives is windows IP of 169.254.148.xx still nothing so I connected the NAS and PC to a reall yold basic 4 port hub and now it was seen by the PC and WD application and I could configure all the settings weird thing is -

Even if I try to manually give it an IP inside or outside of the DHCP scope (but still in the same subnet I cant see it when both connected to the sky router. Nor can I see it with either router or WD application if I tried DHCP??

I even tried entering the same wrokgroup name as the PC I use it for mainly and nothing, the only way I can connect is to plug it into a basic hub with a pc on the same subnet??

I have also tried reduceing the scope of the DHCP range to ensure it is not trying to use a reserved address still no joy! I have even tried to enter the mac address in the router under address reservation so it gets a fixed IP And still nothing...

Help it has worked for 18 months no probs and as it works fine on a bog standard hub there must be something weird going on with the router :-(

any help will stop me breaking either of these grey boxes so much appreciated!!