After 12 months being on Sky Mid and being dogged with problems, 3 x white netgear routers later and many, many conversations with Sky technical support I have now got somewhere.

I have managed 4800kbs max for some time but continual this has dropped progressively with loads and loads of disconnections, so my average I can say has been far less. I believe talking to others around my area that I couldn't expect more from the exchange anyway.

Last router failure showed no internet light so after 2 weeks of continual line testing/changing etc last resort was another router.

At the same time after trolling through this forum I decided to do away with any extension sockets and opt for the ADSL Nation master faceplate and a new Pro RJ11-RJ11 lead.

Setting up the Sagem and working with Sky Techies to remove the 125kbs capping left after line testing and looking for an agreed average set up I am now achieving a continuous around or just under 4000kbs which for me is superb even though I will probably get more if I want to go down that route.

There have been up to now no slowing periods, no disconnections etc.
We use our PC and lap top for surfing mainly, very little downloading and quite a bit of time web camming to relatives in Vancouver. 4-6 hour uninterupted sessions on the PC are now being achieved.
I can now reliably leave last minute bidding on Fleebay into seconds.

I read with awe at some of the techie knowledge, support/help on this forum and can only pay homage to those that consistantly work hard to achieve their 8 meg +.

I currently run 2 PCS from the router but not by wireless yet, just with varying length cat 5 cables for the lap top from room to room (we are in a bungalows so its a bit easier). I suppose that now the system seems stabilised I should look at wireless set up but am very apprehensive about opening up another can of worms

However for me with my current speed and settings:


All the best to anyone reading.