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thanks for that , i have a dell dimension 5100 and checked in control panel . which shows intel (r) pro/100ve network connection! uncer network connections. Do you reckon I should try to flash this router and take my chances?
I've always had a lot of success with Intel networking, but someone posted a message a while back saying he had no problems at all with the exception of a PC that has Intel networking.

Your router is useless to you as it is now - it can only possibly connect on a Sky-enabled line, and even then, the login details programmed into the router might have been disabled. It's rare for a router to become completely unusable after being reflashed (although it does happen). More usually, you either can't reflash it at all, or it just works.

So I reckon it's worth giving it a try, but it's your router, so the choice is yours really.