Hello, I'm new to the forum but have been reading alot over the last couple of weeks as my connection has kept dropping off. I think it's been a little different to the "many" people as I havn't had to reboot the router but I have needed to disable then enable the local area connection.
During the course of these issues I've been contacting sky via email.
As of Sunday this week the support from them is pants.
I have tweeked some router settings (with the advice of the forum, thank you) and havefinally got a sable connection.
The last settng I changed was to change the LAN IP Setup, RIP Direct to both. This has settle every thing down for the last two days.

Just to let you know I have my router connected to another belkin router, I've done this cos the wireless connection through the sky router was very poor, the belkin router gives me full coverage around my house.

Cheers Leigh