I bought an NAS drive enclosure and put in a 250Gb h/d and formatted it to FAT32 while connected to the laptop via USB2 before connecting it to the router by cat5 cable. The settings screen appears the same way as the routers - use an IE browser, enter the IP address then username/password - while in the settings screen and looking at the options (changed nothing) I lost connection with it and got the 'page could not be displayed' and since then I haven't been able to access it at all - whatever I put in the address bar can't be found, and even connecting via USB dosen't work now and it's not detected.

When connected by cat5 the blue network light is on and it shows as connected to the router by the lights on the front of the router but dosen't appear in attached devices. When connected to the laptop by USB it's not detected although it's network controller does show in device manager, and when connected by cat5 shows as unidentified network but I can't access it or do anything with it.

I've tried:

Plugging/unpliugging USB
Plugging/unplugging Cat5 with laptop and router
Reset the laptop
Rebooted the router
Hard reset of the router
Hard reset of the NAS enclosure
Took out the hard drive and tested it in a normal enclosure where it detected fine and appeared in my computer etc and I could access it.

Now today my IP camera which is also connected to the router by cat5 and has been working fine for 4 month's is also now showing the same problem - was using it today when the picture froze, then it lost connection and I can't access it through the IE browser by it's ip address although it still shows as connected to the router by the lights on the front.

I'm still using the original firmware btw as I haven't seen any updated ones.

Any ideas?