Ok i took your advice Enemy and phoned them after 11pm.....I actually got through and was put through to someone from tier 3!! The guy i spoke to was quite helpful, he tested my line etc and said everything looked fine. He asked me a few questions about what software i have installed, antivirus and firewall. As i've just formatted i have none at the moment. He said he saw a few errors on both sides of the lines, which generally happen.....according to him. He mentioned he had tweeked a few little things aswell. He then switched off my connection at the exchange, kept it off a few mins and put it back on. I also asked him if he could take the 8meg cap off my line, he said we can try connecting you at 16meg and see what happens, but when he did that my connection was actually connectin lower than it was on 8meg. He reset it again and just set it back to 8meg where the connection was actually better. Mentioned about setting it up directly into the master socket with a longer ethernet cable that runs up the stairs to my room, but i actually have it set up like this anyway. He said my noise margin and line attenuation are fine too. Ive been connected well so far since last night, fingers crossed it continues! Wondering if there is anything else i can to tweak the performance of this router or get some more from it at all?