Just a quick question about the Sky Netgear router that comes as standard with sky broadband.

On the front panel of the router there are all the little icons that have green lights behind them that light up when they are active, like the numbered ports 1-4 and the wireless symbol.

I looked at the router earlier and noticed that there is an extra green light shining in my router but where there should be an icon on the front panel, there is nothing. The green light is shining between the image of the "Tick" and the "wireless" symbol. But there is no image on the front panel for this green light.

Does everyone else experience this green light shining onto the front panel with no symbol there for it to illuminate?

Would be a great help as my download speed has gone from around 7mb to 900kb in the past few days, and I am wondering if this mystery light has anything to do with it. It may have been there all along, but I have only just noticed it.

Thanks for the Help