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    Huge Sky Router Problem Please Help!

    This is a discussion on Huge Sky Router Problem Please Help! within the Sky Router forums, part of the Sky Broadband help category; Hi! For the past few days my internet has been completely messed up! (has happened before). It just keeps disconnecting! ...

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      Huge Sky Router Problem Please Help!

      Hi! For the past few days my internet has been completely messed up! (has happened before). It just keeps disconnecting! When I say disconnecting I mean the router itself disconnects and not that my wireless adapter disconnects from the router itself. I'm using the yellow wired cable and I'm still having problems! So what i did was go into the router settings ( and I looked at the detailed stats as the router would just drop connection completetly and would say "LCP down" then go back to "LCP is allowed to come up" but then never get a new ip address until i physically rebooted it or used the tool inside the settings to reboot it. Even when I do this inside the detailed stats I see that the noise margain is fluctuately from 0-10db. Normally when the router is working perfectly it sync's itself at around 10db. Another strange thing I see is that my line attenuation changes everytime I reboot my router? Normally its at 20.0db but it changes to 20.5db and even 21.0db! This isnt supposed to change is it? So I intially assumed its a line problem. What I have setup is my router is connected to a hardwired extension upstairs in my room to the main master bt socket downstairs. The socket downstairs has a long extension on it with a microfilter and a cordless phone and a sky box. Upstairs on my hardwired extension I just have a microfilter and the sky router. So what I did was try a new microfilter and plug just the router and the microfilter downstairs on the main bt socket. This still had the same problem! I even opened the bt socket and tried the test socket inside which gave the same results! Noise margin fluctuating (downstream and upstream), line attenuation changing and the router kept dropping connection on a wired connection. I also plugged a phone into the microfilter to listen for static and there was quite alot! So I plugged just a telephone into the bt test socket on its own and there was a little bit of static!

      Just to add this happened a few months ago and after a few days the problem just disappeared and I was completely confused as to why this happened? The last time this happened I called sky and hassled with the monkeys on the other end, they made me do the basic stuff like change the microfilter, try the test socket, reboot the router etc etc. Eventually one of them said to report this to bt faults department. BT checked the line over the phone and said the line had NO PROBLEMS, and that the sky router was faulty. So called sky back and hassled with someone else and they eventually after alot of hassle from me put me on a list for a replacement router so I was quite happy about this. Then after a few days they call me and said oh your internet is fine now and we are not sending you a new router. In that time in the stats of my router the noise margin still fluctuates like hell (very different to when i signed up for sky and the noise margin was perfectly sync'd at 10db). Now im completely confused and not sure what to make of all of this and the bottomline being my internet is completely messed up! Anyone any ideas? Thanks in advance!

      Just some extra stats: I'm on the sky max package and the stats in the router on a normal day are:

      DownStream Connection Speed 15323 kbps
      UpStream Connection Speed 764 kbps

      These speeds even change with the line attenuation changing everytime I reboot the router!

      On a normal day my other stats are:

      ADSL Link Downstream Upstream
      Connection Speed 15323 kbps 764 kbps
      Line Attenuation 20.0 db 13.0 db
      Noise Margin 10.1 db 12.5 db

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      Re: Huge Sky Router Problem Please Help!

      Call BT, tell them that you have noises on your phone line. Do not mention Broadband!!!!! BT are very reluctant to do anything to improve another ISP's broadband connection.



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