hey all, i was referred here by someone on avforums, as i am having router problems.

been on sky since xmas, finding it pretty good, speed wise we get 16mb and thats quite frequent.

we have 2 pcs in the house, a family pc which is plugged in via ethenet to the netgear router supplied and my computer which is accessed via a belkin adapter.

my internet on my pc has been fine until 2 nights ago, where as out of the blue my connection failed, and all of a sudden 5 routers can be found all in a predomently technologically free area. 3 of these new routers are sky routers. and all 5 were set on channel 11, so i found on here how to access the router and change the channel, i did that a few times now, to 1,2,5 and 8 and once i had a connection i think it was on channel 8, but when i had to reset, it went back to the aquiring network addy/not connected icons in the bottom right corner in my xp toolbar.

the internet works on the host pc as that is what i am using myself to type this message. and until i changed the channel numbers this morning my psp was working on the network but my pc is not.

any tips ? i have tried setting it to g only, tried changing the channels, power cycles on both the router, host pc and my pc and i have tried looking at all the settings.

i will appreciate any help provided from anyone.