I have Sky Q 2TB, a Sky mini, and a Sky Q hub with fibre max.

Recently, I have been experiencing frequent WiFi dropouts, each one very short lived, less than a minute.

The broadband link stays solid and when wifi returns the internet connection is fast and stable until the next drop out.

Probably getting one or two an hour.

See on multiple devices so I can rule out that.

The Sky mini is out of range most times it happens so I will rule out that.

So my conclusion is that it is the Sky Q or the Sky Hub dropping the connection. I suspect I might be connecting to Sky Q hotspot when these problems are happening.

Next thing to test is to turn off the Sky Q and still if its still happens - if it does that will point to the router.

Wondering is there a way of disabling the wifi hotspot on the Sky Q or will I need to turn off the Sky Q at the mains.