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Not been on here for some time! hope all are well? forgot my old log on so had to re-register. or old log on was deactivated?

Im trying to find a contact email for sky as my landlord still wants clarification regarding what needs to be done to the communal system before they grant access to engineers. finding an email is proving impossible! a kind advisor gave me the email address for the escalation team but their inbox rejected it as i'm not in the organisation. what a nightmare!

just to bring you up to speed what I'm asking them to confirm with my landlord, please correct me on this as i know there are many technical people with a much better understanding on install than me, but I've tried to explain this to my landlord.

II think i have a very basic understanding of what is involved, Please correct me if I'm wrong? As I have tried to explain this to them but understand they still want some assurances.

A DSCR module needs to be put in post headend (MDU) and a single feed taken from the cable that serves my flat form the existing sky+ cables? either a power inserter unit can be installed in my flat that feeds power to the small plugin DSCR adaptor installed by the MDU which is fed through the now redundant dual coax cable to power the plugin. Or the power supply could be Directly installed in the communal system cupboard as there is a spare electric socket?

The MDU has 4 feeds and LNB which i believe is quattro? as it provides:


​I can't seem to attach a picture but the current system we have serving the flats but is a triax TMP 5X24 hence the plug in adaptor is required to be added.

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