At the moment:-

Main box - Living room plus feeds bedroom 1 TV via RF with magic eye.
2nd box - 2nd bedroom plus feeds conservatory and bedroom 3 via RF and magic eye.

So 5 locations. I could buy 3 additional minis I guess but hey its 300!

I understand even though the minis dont have an RF output you could achieve this using a modulator.

BUT, then what about using the remote? At the moment, you've got magic eye but I assume its all different with Sky Q. Not much point having a feed from my bedroom 2 into conservatory but being unable to use the remote.

Tempted to just buy one extra mini box. Stick 1st one in conservatory (most used) then second one in main bedroom. If anyone else wants to watch in other bedrooms just move the box around.

Other option I guess is video sender but never ever found a good solution for this.