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    Sky+ Anytime using loads of bandwidth all the time

    This is a discussion on Sky+ Anytime using loads of bandwidth all the time within the Sky+ HD Supertelly forums, part of the Other Sky help and support category; I'm just wondering if we are the only ones with this problem or if anyone else has this with the ...

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      Question Sky+ Anytime using loads of bandwidth all the time

      I'm just wondering if we are the only ones with this problem or if anyone else has this with the Sky+HD boxes.

      A while ago we plugged our Sky+HD box with the ethernet connection into our router when they first launched the new Sky Anytime features, so we could use catch up TV like iPlayer, ITV Player, 4OD, etc...

      At the time we had a 40Gb restriction per month (part of the PlusNet deal), and within the first month of it being plugged in we got an e-mail from PlusNet saying we were close to exceeding our 40Gb limit.

      Then the next month the same thing happened.

      And the following month exactly the same.

      We couldn't understand what was using so much broadband as normally we'd use about 20Gb a month so we'd seen an increase by 20Gb and most of it was with P2P uploading not downloading.

      I know it does take internet usage to download shows from Sky+ Anytime, but this increase is on the uploading side not the downloading side.

      Plus net changed their packages to make them unlimited so that solved the problem of actually exceeding the limit, but the only thing was we noticed that the internet was constantly running far slower than we've ever seen it before.

      We're in Shropshire anyway so we don't get the worlds most fastest internet, max speed is 2mbps. But it went down so bad it was absolutely unusable.

      In the end we decided to unplug the Sky+ from the router and only plug the ethernet cable back in when we really want to watch something from anytime.

      The other week we wanted to watch something on anytime and so we plugged it in, but we forgot afterwards we left it plugged in and we were like what on earth is wrong with this internet.

      It took me over 6 hours to download a 30mb java update and we were getting time outs if trying to open any browser - I was beginning to think we might be better on a 56k modem, and then we remembered the sky box was still plugged in.

      We removed the ethernet cable on the sky plus box and we noticed the downloads and internet pages started working at a reasonable speed again.

      I'm just wondering - does anyone know what Sky+ anytime is doing? Is it using itself as a P2P file sharing platform, if so when did I give permission for Sky to do that (no doubt it's possibly somewhere in there Sky Anytime T&C's), and other than keep unplugging the ethernet cable which is a pain in the backside is there anyway to stop it.

      Surely if it is using itself as a P2P file sharing client to share anytime content with other boxes I should be clearly asked about this and given the option to turn it off, especially as we live in such a low broadband area.

      I have called Sky up about this and just been told that their sky boxes shouldn't be using the internet when your not in anytime, but clearly this is a lie as something's using a hell of a lot of internet and it stops using it when the sky box is removed from the equation, so it doesn't take much to work it out.

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      Re: Sky+ Anytime using loads of bandwidth all the time

      Welcome to the forum.

      Sky does not use P2P, I have no issues with my BB usage when On Demand is not being used.

      You are the first person I have seen reporting this kind of issue and I have access to several forums, as a Beta tester I have also seen no reports from the Beta teams of this happening.

      Have you scanned ALL PCs on your network for viruses etc...?
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      Re: Sky+ Anytime using loads of bandwidth all the time

      It may be an idea to use a programme like Wireshark to monitor activity on your network with and without the Sky+ HD STB connected and investigate the type, content, source and destination of the traffic that is causing this congestion.



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