We have been having problems with our sky box crashing for a few months now. Normally a couple of times a day (this is our second box first one the PSU died).

Over the last few days the its been crashing about 10-15 times a day. I then turn it off and on but then on some occassions the planner is blank other times its fine. After this happening for a few days i've discovered that when the box is on and the planner is blank the box performs much better and doesn't crash much but if the planner has all the recordings listed the box will crash almost instantly.

A couple of months ago i suspected the box might be overheating so i disabled sky anytime and moved the box so it has plenty of space around it. The box performed much better.

I've done a planner rebuild and obviously the next step is to do a full rebuild. but before i do this i want to check with everyone if any one has seen these problems and when they did.