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    Any help is much appreciated

    This is a discussion on Any help is much appreciated within the Sky Broadband help forums, part of the Sky Broadband help and support category; Guys and Girls I値l start at the beginning I signed up for BB with F2S about 4 years ago on ...

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      Question Any help is much appreciated

      Guys and Girls

      I値l start at the beginning I signed up for BB with F2S about 4 years ago on there 512k connection and all was well, I then regarded to 1mb and again this was fine, I had almost top speeds and a constant connection with hardly any drops. Then I wanted to save myself 」10 a month so I regarded from the uncapped service to the 5gb a month service but when doing this F2S put me on there MAXDSL and since then I have constant problems, I hardly ever get a constant connect, it frequently drops and I have to reboot my router to connect. If I understand it correctly this means my sync speed gets lower and lower trying to establish a solid connection, I regularly sync at 240kb, then after 2-3 days it will go back up and I値l start all over again. This has been going on for 4-5 months now. I have contacted F2S helpdesk but after waiting 1-2 hrs for them they haven稚 been helpful and fob you off, I tried to regrade back to 1mb but they say the line failed (even though I had it for 1+ years). According to line checkers I should be able to receive 1.5 (or above ) but as in reality this never happens. I have looked around and found the following site which has an ADSL 2+ checker and according to this I can receive 4-8mb downloads, I知 not particularly bothered if I could reach the top end but I would like a 1-2mb STABLE connection without any/many drops in service. So I went with a company that had an LLU at my exchange would I be on ADSL 2+? Or is this a completely different service. Easynet LLU is there and as I知 a sky subscriber I could get a cheaper provider but would this help or just add to my worries?
      My exchange is LSWOO and I live 2.81kms (straight line distance) from it.
      My attenuation etc are posted below

      ADSL Link Downstream Upstream
      Connection Speed 1696 kbps 448 kbps
      Line Attenuation 55 db 15.5 db
      Noise Margin 15 db 13 db

      Thank you for reading this long(ish) post and any help is much appreciated.


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      With that SNR figure your line shouldn't really be dropping regularly, so I would suspect some noise interference on the line. Initial questions would be

      a) Does your SNR figure vary a lot particularly by the time of day ? Mine gets worse at night, I think due to interference from adjacent street lights. I found by resynching at this time when the SNR was at its lowest, the router would hold the connection for much longer.
      b) Have you tried connecting directly to the test socket behind your master phone jack? If the SNR figure is significantly higher using this, you could have noise from other extensions. Sky boxes in particular can cause interference on the line. This can be improved using an ADSL filtered face plate which isolates your ADSL line from the regular phone line.

      You could also ask F2S to switch interleaving on on your line and maybe set a higher target SNR for it to sync at.



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