Just in case you have any connection problems this may be of help. I transferred to Sky about 3 weeks ago, early Monday, morning I lost Broadband connection. After 2 days of calls I finally got to speak to Tier 3. After some tests by them and some leading results I put my old ADSL Modem back on and it connected straight away to my previous provider.

Turns out this has been happening a bit. ISPís have submitted lumps of accounts to BT for line re-grades. The ISP has not checked that all the accounts are still with them. BT has not checked the accounts are with that ISP and just done the work. So you end up getting re-graded back to your previous provider.

If you get an Error Code 200 on a sky test and can sync your speed but donít get an IP. Just try your previous Router / Modem and see if you can get on the internet.

One last thing I would mention, with regards Sky TS, tier 1 and Tier 2 are not that great. But I must say the person I spoke with in Tier 3 (Shaun) was very friendly, professional and helpful. Took over 1 hour on hold to get there but was worth it.