I was a happy Virgin customer and on 25th Jan, I made a lifetime mistake of going for SKY mid package for 5 per month.We collected MAC address from Virgin(in less than 3 days time) and gave to Sky. Everything went great, received equipment, confirmation letters with activation date on 9th Feb[ 3days from the date of BT line transfer on 6th Feb]. On 9th, Sky CS fellow calls and tells that they are unable to provide Mid package as it is sold out and we need to pay 17 per month for their connect package. We are not happy and after couple of hours on line with CS, their representative informed us that the money is sorted out and we should contact technical team to get the line connected. Again half-an-hour later, no promise of connection. We decided to cancel and even an email reply from Sky said that we should cancel the order and order Connect again if we want.

The above started our contacting their customer services from 15th Feb till date asking them to cancel the connection and also provide the MAC address. The CS always says they are sorry or no record of cancellation or MAC was recorded or blame BT but neither gave us MAC address nor the connection was cancelled. This resulted us unable to approach any other broadband provider as line is tagged with SKY.

We spoke to BT but they said, unless SKY initiated they cannot clear the line. This puts us in ackward situation and this looks like blackmailing technique adopted by SKY.
Could some one explain us what we need to do so that SKY clears the line or gives us MAC address and also where we need to complain?

Thanks and Regards,