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    Please help

    This is a discussion on Please help within the Sky Broadband help forums, part of the Sky Broadband help and support category; EDIT: Please do not keep tacking queries on to other unrelated threads. Start your own. Moved to its own thread. ...

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      Please Help

      EDIT: Please do not keep tacking queries on to other unrelated threads. Start your own.

      Moved to its own thread.

      Once again i am on this wbesite..........which is a a godsend! find a way to get my sky max broadband to work.I am quite ready to cancel sky altogethr.2 weeks and i still have not spoken to anybody...i mean anybody who can help me get my so called max package to to go faster than 500kbps.Yetserday I spoke to customer support (in the Phillipines)After waiting 30 minutes for a so called supervisor they told me to switch off my UPnP OFF AND CHANGE MY WAN SETTING TO 1471.......whatever any of this means.......i tried it....IT DONT MAKE NO DIFFERENCE.In desperation i have searched this forum and tried numerous so called fixes.......just tonight i have tried the TCP OPTIMISER........that made no difference.Now can anybody help me.........its getting to the stage where i will pay somebody money to get this to work.This week i posted my router stats and according to users on the forum the problem lies with something at home and not SKY.This is strange considering 2months ago i had 5meg????????Whats going on?No wonder SKY were on watchdog the other night.PLS PLS PLS ANYBODY HELP ME...........BECAUSE SKY ARE NOT AND WILL NOT!

      Here are my router stats again

      Router Status

      Account Name
      Firmware Version V1.02.28

      ADSL Port
      MAC Address 00:14:6C:AE:B7:43
      IP Address
      Network Type PPPoA
      IP Subnet Mask
      Gateway IP Address
      Domain Name Server

      LAN Port
      MAC Address 00:14:6C:AE:xx:xx
      IP Address
      DHCP On
      IP Subnet Mask

      ADSL Firmware Version A2pB018e.d16f
      Modem Status Connected
      DownStream Connection Speed 4896 kbps
      UpStream Connection Speed 768 kbps
      VPI 0
      VCI 38

      Wireless Port
      Name (SSID) SKY00xxx
      Region Europe
      Channel 1
      Wireless AP Enabled
      Broadcast Name Enabled

      Thank you all for your patience.
      Last edited by Saturday; 28-02-07 at 08:00 PM. Reason: Removed IP, MAC and SSID details

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      Re: Please help

      All I can do is repeat what I said in answer to your post in another thread:
      You say you are only getting 300kbps but that must be your download speed as your router is connecting at 4256kbps. There are many reasons for a lower download speed than connection speed - none of them are any responsibility of Sky's.

      Your router reports a connection of 4256kbps which is very low for an attenuation of 34db. Here there's pretty much only one cause, noise, and that also is nothing to do with Sky.
      Starting with your low download speed. Are you connecting wirelessly? If so then that's almost certainly the problem. What speed do you get wired?

      With regard to your connection speed, please try a connection plugging the router directly into the test socket which you will find behind the faceplate of your master socket (assuming you have an NTE5). What connection speed do you get?



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