Hi its not my first post but i feel like it is as ive just received my sky router
so everything is going well for wed 28th

I'm currently on aol max using a Netgear DG834g

below are my line stats

connection 8128 448

Line Attenuation 27db 9db

noise margin 12-16db 22db

i am due to be connected to sky broadband adsl2 on wed 28.
i received my new Netgear DG834GT today ive
checked to see if ive been connected early but i havent. but i did notice
that my line stats are different when using the 834GT

connection 8128 448

Line Attenuation 28db 19db

noise margin 16.4db 24db

i noticed my line att upstream is 10db less using the 834g
i assume this is a router problem giving the wrong readings ?

ive also noticed that the noise margin fluctuates from 12- 16
is this normal ? and finally using which ever stats are correct what speed do people think i will get on sky adsl 2 ??

hope somebody can clarify this