In the past 2 weeks I have had 4 orders rejected for sky broadband. The first time I can understand because my line wasn't fully cleared but the other 3 times I don't understand. I called AOL (my previous ISP) and BT Wholesale they said my line is clear and there is no tags on the line and my orders should not keep getting rejected. I called sky this morning they said they will investigate why my orders are being cancelled and call me back. Any ideas on how long this takes. Because I have been without broadband without a month.

AOL screwed up thats why I am in this situation. They cancelled my account by mistake when I asked them for a MAC and by that time it was too late to get a MAC and it took AOL 20 days to clear my line .

Heres what it says under order tracker on BT site

Order ref Placed Description We can do this on: We agreed to deliver by:

YGQ126MR 19 Jan 2007 CHANGE 05 Feb 2007 05 Feb 2007 View detail (AOL Cease order)

YWF880MR 05 Feb 2007 CHANGE 09 Feb 2007 09 Feb 2007 View detail (AOL LLU Upgrade)

No date yet No date yet No date yet View detail

YGM186MR 19 Jan 2007 CHANGE 08 Feb 2007 08 Feb 2007 View detail (AOL line ceased)

ZJS105MR 16 Feb 2007 CHANGE 16 Feb 2007 16 Feb 2007 View detail (REFER TO CSPO) whatever that is.