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    I have just been activated...

    This is a discussion on I have just been activated... within the Sky Broadband help forums, part of the Sky Broadband help and support category; the results were 972kbps down 320kbps up...

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      Re: I have just been activated...

      the results were 972kbps down 320kbps up
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      Re: I have just been activated...

      oh dear that is pretty poor
      ur not running any p2p, newsgroups etc r u at same time ?
      or anything else ?
      chin up wheel get to the bottom of it

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      Re: I have just been activated...

      See what speed you get while downloading that file, you dont need to download the whole file, just see what the peak speed is

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      Re: I have just been activated...


      With regards to your low download speeds of 0.5Mbps please remember that on the Connect service if your line syncs at a certain speed at any point your IP Profile is reduced accordingly immediately and if it goes higher it has to stay that way for at least 48 hours before the equipment that monitors your line in the exchange will increase your IP profile to the specified range for the sync speed, note however that there can be a 500kbps difference in your sync speed and assigned IP Profile.

      For example I am on a extremely long line with a 63.5db downsteam and noise margin between 4.5db and 7.5db and I connect without issue at approx 2880kbps, but BT will only allow an IP Profile of 2500kbps for this speed. If my connection dropped to say 800kbps then I would be assigned an IP Profile of 512kbps straight away. If I then re-synced by router and regained the higher 2880kbps sync, my router would need to hold that sync for at least 48 hours before the profile will rise to 2500kbps.

      This is BT's defined MAX service behaviour, I don't think it happens this way when you go across to Sky's Network.

      Incidentally I dumped the Netgear in favour of a Speedtouch 585 as you can tweak the SNR value and have it saved in the router, this has allowed me to push my line that little bit further.

      For your reference here are the IP Profile ranges and a link to the BT Speedtester which should reveal the IP Profile of your line, the only thing you need to do is figure out your username as the speedtester may ask you to enter this. If you look under the router in the bottom left you will see your MAC code, your username is maccode@skydsl, replace mac code with the actual code.

      The BT speedtester is located at Test Result

      Below is taken from

      SYNC rate / Data rate (IP Profile)
      288 - 575 / 250 Kbps
      576 - 1151 / 500 Kbps
      1152 - 1727 / 1.0 Mbps
      1728 - 2271 / 1.5 Mbps
      2272 - 2847 / 2 Mbps
      2848 - 3423 / 2.5 Mbps
      3424 - 3999 / 3.0 Mbps
      4000 - 4543 / 3.5 Mbps
      4544 - 5119 / 4.0 Mbps
      5120 - 5695 / 4.5 Mbps
      5696 - 6239 / 5.0 Mbps
      6240 - 6815 / 5.5 Mbps
      6816 - 7391 / 6.0 Mbps
      7392 - 7967 / 6.5 Mbps
      7968 - 8127 / 7.0 Mbps
      8128 - 7.15 Mbps

      I hope you find this useful, your Noise Margin is too low on the Netgear and is to blame for the instabilty as well, use that Netgear Utility to raise this and then leave the line for as is for 48 hours and your profile will start to rise. The 10 day training period is also a pain. I would not reset the router on a daily basis, if you do, the profile will NOT rise.


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