Finally received the router on Monday night and tried to connect (even though I didnt receive letter from them saying activated - however had problems with exchange and all that so thought give it a go).

However it didnt work. Called Sky yesterday and they eventually told me it would take about 3 working days. Fine I thought. That afternoon I got a text from Sky saying Sky Broadband is now live. Tried to connect last night and no joy. Tried all the usual things - re-booting router, turning off for 10 seconds, setting up laptop for DHCP and also specify IP,... etc

I gave them a call and did a few tests - basically rebooting router but no joy. Logged onto router control panel and did the disconnect and then sky test (which I had already tried). Message was could not find connection to Internet. It has been escalated to higher level of support and they are calling me back tonight.

Its been almost 2 months since I had internet at home with the combination of waiting for BT engineers, problem with exchange, waiting for router, waiting for activation,.....