Hi all,

I was connected to the 'Connect' service this morning, but was disappointed to find that my connection (upstream AND downstream) is limited to 288kbs. I am about 2km from the exchange by road, and the router stats are showing line attenuation of 33.0db and noise margin of 30.3db. Based on this I would expect a full connection around 8000kbs. I am plugged into the master socket, and I've also tried the engineers socket behind the faceplate but this has no effect. Multiple reboots throughout the day do not change the upstream/downstream figures, although the noise margin has fluctuated by 1 or 2 db. There are no audible noises on the line if the phone handset is checked, and as with all advice regarding extensions and sockets I have just had the router connected to the master socket without any additional phones or extensions. I have also tried all three of the microfilters supplied with the router in case I had a duff one.

A call to tier 1 led me through their standard scripts, but of course this led nowhere fast as the issue is somewhere between the router and exchange.

I find the figure of 288 odd as it is the same for up and downstream, and never changed. Please can anyone offer any advise or experience regarding this problem. Thanks.