I am in the process of transfering from bulldog to sky, had my bt line transferred back on fri 2nd feb (so lost my broadband since then), then called up sky on sun 4th feb and requested the max package was told it would take 10-15 days to activate my line. He said the router would take up to 5 working days to come and i should plug it in and see if my line has already been activated when i receive it.

Received a letter on tues 6th feb telling me that my activation date would be 14/02/07(was happy with that), the router was tried to be delivered on the tues also so i had that redelivered the next day.

Wednesday, received a letter telling me that bt had informed sky that there is a technical issue and to add 7 days to my activation date. DOH!! anyway the router came on weds so that was very quick.

Have checked on the bt order tracker and as of yet there is no order in place for an LLU line of any sort, does this mean sky has not contacted bt?(even though they say bt informed them of a tech issue) Or have bt simply not put the order in because of the tech issue?

Is there any way of finding out what this technical issue is??

going mad without broadband!! all my battlefield 2 chums are gonna race ahead of me on points!!