I migrated to Sky Broadband using a MAC from my existing ISP and was given an activation date of the 30th. The 30th came and my existing broadband stopped working (as it should, naturally), but I hadn't received the router. As Sky force users to use the 'Sky Broadband Box' (in reality a customised Netgear DG834 router) I was left with no connection. I had previously been told that Parceline would be delivering the router to my work address, but two attempts to my home address had gone by without them seeming to realise this. It took a two and a half hour 'phone call to get Sky to contact Parceline and change the address, and it clearly hadn't worked!

Another two and a half hour call on the 30th left me talking to 'Derek', an alleged manager at their Scotland call centre. 'Derek' was rude, abrasive, told me I was "moaning, with all due respect sir" and flatly refused to help. While I had him on the 'phone I clarified my rights to cancel, and was told I would need to cancel in writing to the address on the letters sent to me. Fair enough, the call ended with no resolution.

In the meantime I sign the Parceline card and leave it outside the door, declaring that Parceline should leave the router outside at my own risk. Thankfully nobody steals it, and I get home on the 31st to the router I've been waiting for.

Only it doesn't work. It syncs: there's an ADSL carrier there, but it's not authenticating. It seems to be a problem with my account on the RADIUS server (oh, did I mention I'm a network tech?).

*Another* two hour 'phone call, and it seems that 'Derek' has taken it upon himself to cancel my connection - *despite* telling me it was a legal requirement to have the cancellation instructions in writing! I'm told that they'll reverse the cancellation and I can expect to have my broadband connection working again in three days.

Which brings us to my next 'phone call, on the 5th Feb. Still no broadband - the router is sync'd to the exchange with no problem, but it's still not authenticating. Another two hour 'phone call (during which I am led by the nose through various pointless diagnostics - what point is there "checking the cables in the back of the Sky box, especially the thin grey one" if it's sync'ing with the exchange at 8000Kb/s with an SNR of 7.2?) and I'm told that my call will be escalated to Third Line - they'll get back to me after (*after*, not *within*) five days.

I have had no internet connection since the 29th thanks to 'Derek', and I'm livid. The call centre refuses to pass me directly to Third Line, claiming that they are physically unable to transfer *anyone* at *any* time. Because my call *wasn't* escalated on the 31st (when it *should* have been* I now have to wait until the 10th (or, I am told after another call last night to chase this up, the 11th - which means waiting in by the 'phone all weekend) before Third Line will contact me. That means 12 or 13 days without an internet connection all because 'Derek' decided he didn't like me. And all for a five minute fix - re-activate my account on the RADIUS server so I can reconnect.

I know some Sky employees lurk here - anyone caring to contact me via e-mail with information on where I go from here would be most appreciated.