I promised to come back once I was connected. Here is my experience:
I had previously been using Metronet Broadband and am 1.5 miles from the BT exchange and I have two computers connected to the router. The download speed with Metronet was 969 kbps and the upload speed 243 and I was supposed to be on an up to 8. I use a wired Ethernet setup far quicker and less flaky.
The initial letters with User Name and Password informing me that it normally takes 10-15 days for the line to go live. The Netgear router arrived within the stipulated 5 days later. The letter also informed me that I would receive a letter which would notify me of the Activation date.
I did not receive a letter with an Activation date, but 7 days later my Metronet connection went down and I was without a connection for 10 days. When I initially connected the router, the Router Status page Sky Test resulted in Error 300. At this point there was no IP Address shown on the Router Status page under the ASDL heading.
At this point a ping test showed that there was a connection between my computer and the router and the LEDs on the Router were all alight.
After Skys Tier 1 help line had a try at correcting the settings on my computer I was quickly elevated to Tier 3 because of the Error 300 and told that they would contact me within 4 to 5 working days and gave me a reference number to obviate having to go through the whole procedure again. They inferred it was a BT exchange problem..
On the 5th day I had heard nothing from Tier 3 and telephoned the Sky Broadband help line and was told that my problem should have been cleared and that to raise it again would mean waiting another 4 to 5 working days. I told them I was a little disappointed with this and the operator told me that if I was prepared to hold on she would endeavour to get me through, but that it might take some time as there were a number of people waiting. Being determined to resolve the matter without waiting 4 to 5 days I told her that I was quite prepared to wait no matter how long it took.
I was connected within 15 minutes and Tier 3 resolved the matter within 5 minutes at their end.
I am highly delighted with the connection (download 6337 and upload 355). I found the operators most helpful and friendly far better than most call centres I have dealt with. Although I was without a connection for about 10 days it was well worth the wait and although Metronet were amongst the cheapest providers, this costs a third of what they were charging and a significantly higher speed resulted.
I gathered a lot of information from SkyUsers before my connection went down and it was extremely useful to know how Sky operated and the free helpline number 08000512595 invaluable. Full marks to SkyUsers.
I know a lot of the contributors to SkyUsers have criticised the Netgear Router that Sky supply but this one works excellently. I have previously used Netgear Routers for several years without any problem. They do get hot when horizontal but run much cooler stood up in its stand.
Hope this helps someone.