Last week I posted about moving from Connect17 to connect5 via asking about "can I go to MAX".
Content with connect5 I was to understand that my exchange MRWAL although LLUed in Oct 2006 was not yet being offered to customers as BASE/MID/MAX, I was told; I would have to wait for a letter.
Two days ago I started to notice the searches were slowing down and this morning almost dial-up speed - speedtest, which I resorted to said 137kb download and 238kb upload. this afternoon whilst collecting emails it was down around 80kb download. Reset router etc.
Last weekend I had been replacing all the fans and replaced power supply in computer which is cabled to router, but I was sure no other problems, so I checked the speed, still 80kb download, whilst calling SKY at 5pm.
Forty minutes later - no I had used the 0800 number so came back to Scotland via SE Asia - "you will not get better than that speed on BASE", (no I am on connect) "there had been a terminate put on my broadband service last week" (whilst I was being handed around to ask about MAX), and "there looks as though there was a problem with tied pairs at the exchange" to "I need to contact provisioning","need to just check your status out - yes it looks as though you are cancelling broadband" "thank you for being so patient", "I need to talk to my managers".
I waited patiently and checked the speed as it increased eventually going to 380kb download 382kb upload and holding. I was eventually told there was a problem and it neeed to be escalated, I would get a phone call back within ten days!!!
I think the moral of this is to be patient and understand that the system is probably straining to cope as well as issues in the BT exchanges, completely out of the control of SKY and there is nothing I can do and could not foresee some blind button pushing that may have gone on when I mentioned MAX.
So it is connect5snailband for the next few days. Has anyone any experience of quizzing whoever to see if LLU, customer side, is happening?