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    Caught in Migration Limbo

    This is a discussion on Caught in Migration Limbo within the Sky Broadband help forums, part of the Sky Broadband help and support category; Hi, I've stumbled upon your forums when searching for answers to many questions I have regarding my order with Sky ...

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      Question Caught in Migration Limbo


      I've stumbled upon your forums when searching for answers to many questions I have regarding my order with Sky for their Connect package. I hope you may shed some light on the issues I've encountered.

      December 10th: Phone up Sky to order Sky Connect. Advised to obtain MAC code from existing ISP (Pipex) and then phone back.

      December 11th: Receive MAC code from Pipex. Email states existing broadband connection with them will be ceased on Jan 10th.

      December 14th: Recieve letter from Sky informing me the MAC code provided was incorrect. Double check MAC code with Pipex, then phone Sky. Informed that it appears my MAC code was never sent with my original order to BT. However, this cannot be ammended, and a completely new order would have to be started. He states connection should switch within 10-15 days, router should be with me in 5 days.

      January 2nd: Broadband connection dies.

      January 3rd: Phone Pipex, who inform me it seems, from their end atleast, that Sky have taken over the connection. Phone Sky. Get told a load of conflicting information including:
      My account needs to be data matched
      The router will only be sent out once the account is data matched
      As soon as I recieve the router, broadband should work
      Data matching cannot occur until Sky receive a letter from BT informing them that the migration is complete
      And, when asked if it was normal for migratees to experiance a period with no connection, I was told that:
      It doesn't happen normally, but its happened to you because your MAC is an LLU one.
      Hmm... Except it's not

      January 4th: Manage to access the internet at a friends house, and track down these forums, and learn of the BT Tracker. Check my order, and astonishingly, it appears complete.

      Placed 19 Dec 2006
      Description CHANGE
      Appointment No date yet
      Date due 02 Jan 2007
      Status Order completed
      Last update 02 Jan 2007
      Notes Your order has been completed.
      Items in this order
      Description Product name Quantity Cost Rental
      CEASE (ADSL) BT IPSTREAM HOME 2000 1 0.0 0.0
      PROVIDE REGRADE ADSL 1 0.0 0.0

      Phone Sky, explaining that my line has been changed to them, why had I still not received the router? I told them I'd previously been informed that my account needed to be data matched, and asked if this process could be speeded up. He told me it seemed I'd been given conflicting information, and he would check my account. He comes back, and explains that there's no complete order on my account, and that my order is coming back from BT as "delayed". He reliably tells me that when it just says "delayed" without a reason, its usually not a long delay. I try to insist that the connection has already been changed over, but he just keeps telling me there's no complete order, and to phone back in a week.

      And here we are... I think its worth noting at this point that I did not receive any letter telling me when my 'Activation Date' would be. It just happened, and it seems Sky are denying that it has.

      If anyone can shed any light on my troubles, I would be most grateful.



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      Re: Caught in Migration Limbo

      Don't be supprised if sky start mentioning "Tie Pairs" sooner or later

      Ive been in migration limbo for nearly 4 weeks now, and then there is Suffering Sam whose had no broadband since August 2006 i think... basically join the club my friend.
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      Re: Caught in Migration Limbo

      Well thankfully, by being on Sky Connect paranoia has no tie pairs to worry about.

      Looking at the info from the BT checker is all seems in order.

      Have a search around the site for a contact number for BT wholesale (it's available on the OFCOM site as well somewhere) give them a ring & ask if there are any orders outstanding on your line. They may / should confirm the exact situation for you.

      Hope this is a start in the right direction for you



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