I'm not a Sky customer presently but on the lookout for a BB / calls package. Sky may be viable for me even allowing for having to sign up for the 15 p/m mixes package.

My Exchange is Littleborough which is NE Manchester. I have established that Sky/Easynet have got an 'LLU' installed there which I am assuming could be an advantage.
Presently I have my own PT3812 router and use Virgin.net, which syncs at just over 4000kbs and SNR is ~6.5dB. I am 1.7 miles away from the exchange using autoroute as a rough guide. I can not run a laptop virtual private network and either virgin.net or my router is the cause because the laptop definately works on a test BT adsl line at work with a zyxel router and via Nildram.

I will definately put SBB at the top of my list if I can establish whether my work laptop will be able to VPN to my company. I won't have access rights to my laptop to tweak anything, so I have to have confirmation it will work with SBB.
Can anyone confirm this or maybe if anyone is located in Manchester ( Rochdale / Oldham ) let me pop round for 2 mins to try my laptop on their router
Any offers???? Send me a PM