Im currently signed up with Zen and I wanted to switch over to Sky on there connect package.

After getting my mac code from Zen I rang up sky and gave them the code only for hte guy to turn round to me and say this was not a mac code and that I should ring Zen again and double check which is what I did and they confirmed I had the correct mac code and that its a new one that bt are now starting to do.

So I rang sky back up and gave them the code and she entered it in and said all was fine so I didnt worry about it.

A few days ago I get a letter saying they are unable to complete my broadband order due to haveing a incompatable product on my line.

I know its not llu as thats not avaliable where I live so I have to assume they screwed up with my mac code and just tried to activate there broadband on my already live line.

If I could I would signup online but that just keeps comeing up with an error and tells me to ring a number which I did and they promised to call me back within 48hrs which never happened.

Im a little lost as into where to go now.

Does anyone have any idears please?

Thanks in advance.