is now pretty poor i was downloading at 1 kbps [not p2p] on a bb speed test [namesco] and i didnt even think it was that fast my router is constantly disconecting [error 300 on sky test ] when i reboot the router page shows not connected for 1 minute then connects at 10mbps + my upload shows 700kbps but my speed is so slow thattt i made a cup of tea while waiting for sky user to load it has been like this for last 3 days after nearly 3 months of good speeds [my bf2142 is now constantly disconnecting as pings are going through roof 500ms pings [and that's on a good server ] do i phone to cpmplain or can i do something[heres my stats
Router Status

ADSL Link Downstream Upstream
Connection Speed 10834 kbps 764 kbps
Line Attenuation 33.5 db 18.6 db
Noise Margin 7.3 db 12.5

the namesco test has now went back up to 9meg and 564 when i go off line and restart it will go back to pooor speeds [any ideas ??