Just recieved this email

Dear Mr NewsreadeR

Just a quick update since our last email, to let you know we are making good progress with the roll out of Sky Broadband. As someone who’s already registered their interest, you will be amongst the first to know when Sky Broadband is available to buy.

Our fantastic Base, Mid and Max products will be coming to your area.

In the meantime, we’ll also give you the option to take our Sky Broadband Connect product, which offers up to 8Mb with a huge 40GB monthly usage allowance. At only £17 a month, Connect costs less than the equivalent BT package. We will let you know when each of these options is ready to buy.

We are working to ensure Sky Broadband Connect is available to you as soon as possible; and Sky Broadband Base, Mid and Max should be in your area by Christmas. If you choose to take Sky Broadband Connect, we’ll automatically switch you to Mid when it becomes available. Naturally, demand is high, but we’re doing all we can to bring Sky Broadband to you without too much delay.

We'll continue to keep you fully up to speed with our progress in your area. Simply keep an eye out for further emails from us.


Samantha Beresford
Senior Product Manager
Sky Broadband

Unfortunately this email has been sent from an unattended mail box, so we won't be able to reply to emails sent to this address. If you would like further information about Sky Broadband, please visit http://www.sky.com.

*Subject to Fair Usage Policy. Subject to area availability, compatibility and survey. Maximum Upload speeds: Base – 400Kb; Mid – 400Kb; Max – 768Kb; Connect – 448Kb. Sky Broadband is only available to active Sky TV subscribers. Minimum Sky Broadband subscription 12 months. Connection fee: Base - £40; Mid - £20; Max – free. Monthly Usage: Base: 2Gb; Mid – 40Gb; Max – Unlimited, subject to Fair Usage Policy. Installation: Free if you subscribe to Sky Broadband Max, otherwise £50. Prices subject to change. Eligibility and other terms apply. Information only applies to residential customers. Information correct at 1st August 2006. Further terms apply.