Thanks for your reply.

I wouldn't have a clue about capacitors and resistors. Sky probably just told me that to make out they knew what they were talking about. All I know is that there is water getting in my line and they are dragging their heels sorting it out.

They have put my noise margin up to 25db. I checked my stats after being connected for about three hours today (it wasn't raining but was really foggy and damp) and the margin had dropped down to 6db. Had to reboot a few times throughout the day.

Anyway, I will give Sky a bit longer as they have told me that they are working on it. I am due an update from tier3 tomorrow - we'll see.

If I was to contact BT again how would I do it? They want me to report the fault whilst I am experiencing the noise on the voice line but there is none. Do I just pretend that I can hear a noise that they can't hear?

Thanks again