Just an update.
I am now posting this message through my Sky Broadband Connection

Partner phoned sky this afternoon and it turned out that we can connect using the static IP address which was given to me on an earlier posting. Sky then gave us a preferred DNS and Alternate address and it connected. The speed isn't great but as I'm only used to dial up it feels much faster to me.

The only problems I have found so far is that I cannot access a few of the sites that I use (hotmail, ebay). The other thing is I don't have a connection showing in the system tray in the bottom right corner.

Lastly, how many e-mail addresses can you have with Sky, is it just the one? The one that has been issued to us is in my partners name but I use the PC much more than him.

Anyway, thank you all for your help in getting me connected. Sky wouldn't do anything until I told them that I could get to the router with the static Ip.
Thanks again!!!