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    Whose responsibility - BT or Sky?

    This is a discussion on Whose responsibility - BT or Sky? within the Sky Broadband help forums, part of the Sky Broadband help and support category; Briefly... Spoke to BT & Sky re BB . Was told by both (also via BT site) that expected speed ...

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      Whose responsibility - BT or Sky?


      Spoke to BT & Sky re BB. Was told by both (also via BT site) that expected speed would be 3-4 Meg.

      Ordered Sky - BT rejected the order - 'cos my line was "incompatible".

      Eventually found out that BT had wrongly listed my line as "hard-wired" (not plug and socket). This meant they considered it "incompatible" - no Sh*t, Sherlock... Line then listed by BT as 'plug and socket'.

      Re-ordered Sky. Order shows up on BT order tracker as expected 3/11.

      Checked BT BB availability via website - now says to expect speed of .5 - 1 Meg!? Spoke to BT and Sky again - they give the same speed.

      Reported fault via BT - they say 'no fault - speak to BT Wholesale' - BTW say 'speak to your ISP'. 'I haven't got an ISP (yet)', I say. 'We can't / won't help,' say BTW - 'speak to Sky'.

      Sky haven't even touched the line yet - BT aren't interested that the expected line speed reading differs wildly, apparently immediately before and after they changed the line listing from 'hard-wired' to 'plug & socket'.

      BTW say they will only investigate if I cancel the order with Sky and then order BT BB!! If I try an est. line speed test on my postcode or a neighbour's tel no, then it reports back the original 3-4 Meg?!

      Should I be worried? Are these estimated line speed tests actual tests or assumptions based on info available?

      Who can I complain to at BT, who are just not interested?

      Thanks for any help.
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      id say complain to BT, BTW should'nt have said they will only help if you order BTBB thats breaking fair trading rules i would think.

      "To help would be a great adventure"

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      When you order Sky,the sales do DSL check that shows EXACTLY what speed your line is capable of.This is on Chordiant so if you call Sky sales or Tier 1,they should be able to tell you that (unless you get those idiots in the Phillapines!)

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      I'd say it's nothing to worry about really, unless you are really concerned.

      BT told me I would only get 512-2Mbit when I had a Freedom2Surf Max account but I actually got 6.5 when the line went live.

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      Post My two penneth

      As far as I'm aware when you go onto the broadband checkers the info they give is from a database not a realtime test and as you've already found the database is inaccurate.

      Sky 'teir 3' support probably have access to other test's but without equipment installed your end I'm not sure if they would give a good reading..

      As for my line in the past I was limited to a 512mb fixed speed line, when MAXDSL came on the scene I suddenly found my line became capable of 3.5 - 4 mb. Finally when I switched to SKY my lowest connect has been 4.7 (early evening) with 5.7 the best overnight and in the day.

      So keep your fingers crossed, and good luck.




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