I just thought i would let people know that sometimes sky do get it right.

I have just setup my parents with sky broadband on the base 2meg package, and it worked first time !, downlaod speeds of 1.8mb, no reboots of router (for first afternoon anyway)

The only hick-up in the process was that BT didn't move the line over on the date that sky said they would, but we got a letter from sky two days afterwards saying that it had been re-scheduled, other than that it looks good so far.

It perhaps helped that I have been working with my sky connection for the past month, so I have worked out not to use ZoneAlarm, and the fact that their PC is on wired connection and the lowest speed, may translate to the fact that it is the simplist setup so it should be more straightforward, but I thought I would let people know that it doesn't always go belly up.

Good Luck All,