I'm getting more and more concerned at the lack of evidence of any real process being taken by SKY managment to resolve the numerous issues with the SKY BB service.

Weeks are passing with little or no visible evidence of improvement. BOGON filters is about the only improvement gained, but this is hardly SKY led or managed. (Had it been the situation would not have arisen in the first place)

Don't get me wrong, I have been telephoned twice now in the last week by very nice people to be assured of the fact that people are working away, but my questioning during these calls has only further exposed a serious lack of company led diagnostic process, a total absence of company wide co-ordinated response methods, and, frankly, it's pretty clear that beyond the coal face the right hand does not know what the other seven or eight are doing!!

I'm on Connect, in principle eliminating LLU as an issue, and can spit and reach my probably quite lightly loaded exchange here in "Costa Geriatrica", yet suffer all the same symptoms of the LLU connected...my hardware and software has all been already well tested and proven bullet proof in a broadband environment.....what does that tell you about where the problem lies????

Three weeks ago, faced with an incomplete/corrupted Profile and poor Email/Portal access, I directly requested that my faulty profile be deleted and replaced.....I repeated this request a week ago.....Now this is something that usually would take a couple of mins to do, a "while you wait" job............still waiting...............

I have been a Beta Tester for PC based software and hardware, and was also responsible for initiating and managing a national rollout of a PC based interface project which successfully "joined up" a number of disparate electronic products from differing countries origin built to differing standards, which is still in use five years down the line, so hopefully I'm not spouting hot air?

By now there should be clear evidence coming back from users that proper diagnostic process is being applied to their situation...and I don't mean the firefighting the poor guys at the coal face are being forced into....I cannot provide any......can anyone???