As per another post I made here, I am having problems with my Sky Router. I am on the mid package and was getting around 5000-6000 kbds.
Basically it shows no internet light and, whilst I can connect wirelessley from my pc to the router, I cannot connect from the router to the net. Sky advised that there has been a problem at the exchange since 26th September which is affecting my card. However, when using my old Alcatel USB "frog" modem I can connect now at around 1700 kbs.
I rang them again this morning and was told the problem was still there and (as probably everybody knows !) they weren't able to tell me when it was likely to be fixed.
Rather than wait patiently for Sky to do something, I am now considering purchasing another router to test whether my Sky router may have some fault - Sky won't replace because of the fault at the exchange. Can anybody suggest a cheap/reasonably priced wireless router that I could use for this purpose? Is the low speed on the usb modem a symptom of the exchange fault perhaps or a is a maybe a symptom of what happens when you try to connect a usb modem to 8mb ADSL?
Many thanks.